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Ekodrishti Shradh

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Ekodrishti Shradh

Ekodrishti Shradh: Ekodrishti Shradh means that it should complete in one day only. It is done on three important vedies (place of sharadh) Falgu River,Vishnupad Vedi and Akshay Vat vedi except abnormal death. Pitru paksha pind daan fair at Gaya held every year atduring 16-lunar day period, in krishna paksha of month of Ashwin. During this period Hindu people offer prayers and perform certain rituals for their ancestors.

Shraddh is one of the most significant time to remember our ancestors and pray for the departed souls to rest in peace.Narayal Bali Shradh is done for give the satisfaction to Soul of ancestors whose sould is wandring here and there world and its remove obstrution from good work done & remove the Pitradosh from Kunadali after performed this Shradh. Nag Bali Shradh Nag Bali Shradh is done for the whose soul of the any people entered in Naag (Snake) Yoni and comes dreams in their family member in snake shape.

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